The ISM Difference

In Sight Ministries has three unique differences compared to the traditional orphan care model:

1. We don’t have young orphans (0-11 yrs old); extended families are able to care for young orphans. We fill the gap for the most frequently abandoned, abused and forgotten – those approaching teen years and beyond. The Mberengwa Caring Center students range from early teens to early twenties.

2. We are a family style caring center. We avoid the word “orphanage” as it often is depicted as institutional, dormitory style. We have family groups in huts and pods.

3. Our students consistently excel in the schools, community and church. The youth are developing leadership and we believe they will provide life long impact in their communities, and country.

What In Sight Ministries Provides


Hut Renovation

We are renovating huts that were donated to the Caring Center for both orphans and staff. So far, we have renovated 10, with 6 to go.


Caregiver Support

To support our essential family model, we must recruit and train at least 1 caregiver for every 8-10 children. Staff includes a director, foster parents and a facilities manager.


Beds & Bedding

Each hut we renovate will house 4 children and, for most of them, the beds and bedding we provide will be their first.


Shower & Bathroom Facilities

Running water is new to our orphans. With recent water well supply, we just completed construction of facilities that provide standard plumbing features and a septic system.


Food Supplies

We not only feed orphans at the Caring Center, we distribute food to nearby starving communities. Our future plans include maintaining an edible garden and small livestock.


Clean Drinking Water

Dirty water is among the leading causes of disease in all of Africa. The water well we build to provide standard plumbing will also yield clean drinking water.


School Fees/Supplies

We provide the standard fees and basic supplies that are beyond most children’s reach but are still required by Zimbabwean public schools.


School Uniforms

Rural families can ill-afford the uniforms required at Zimbabwe’s public schools, so we’re committed to providing two sets for every child.


Other Support Needs

The hidden needs of these children and their communities include cooking utensils, truck maintenance, government registration fees, fuel, emergency repairs and much, much more.


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