In Sight Ministries 4th Annual Virtual 5K

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We're walking, running and jogging to make a change and raise money for In Sight Ministries. Participating in the Virtual 5K is simple. Sign up and have the event come to you.

Take on trails, strut on the sidewalk or hop on a treadmill to get your 3.1 miles any time from October 15th to October 21st. Record your time to complete the challenge and help us make a difference.

5K Information

Mission: To procure the necessary funds for the Caring Center students to pursue higher education.

Date: October 15th to October 21st — run the 5K at your convenience any time within that week.

Cost: $35 per entry

Every registrant will receive an ISM branded sticker, race bib and an info card about one of the students benefiting from the event.

How does a Virtual 5K work?

Participating in this 5K is simple and flexible. Unlike the traditional setup, whereby there is one date, location and starting time for all participants. Instead, all you do in the Virtual 5K is sign up and have the run come to you. Within the designated week, you decide the day, time and location of your 5K. Take on the trails, strut on the sidewalk or hop on a treadmill to get your 3.1 miles. Walk, jog, run or even bike it. Bring a companion (even your pet) or go solo.

What is my money going toward?

The primary focus of this fundraiser is to assist with the costs of higher education opportunities for our students who have reached that level (either senior high school, vocational college or university). The costs of higher learning are significantly more than the standard secondary school fees. There are currently 18 students in vocational college or university that are sponsored by 5K Run donations. Our goal for this year is to raise $30,000!

Through our standard monthly sponsorship program, our generous partners provide for basic necessities — food, shelter, clothing, staff support — for the 36 teen orphans in the Caring Center family. If you are interested in becoming a monthly sponsor, please feel free to ask questions at


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