1.3 Million Orphans

At In Sight Ministries, the goal is simple. Driven by the devastating needs of others, we are compelled to offer hope.

For 1.3 million children in Zimbabwe, who are helpless and alone, we exist to provide a future. To them, we are a reminder that they are not forgotten and that they are precious in the Father’s sight.

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A Different Approach

IN SIGHT Ministries exists to share hope and to help Zimbabwe's orphans and rural communities.

  • Zimbabwe is unlike any world you know. Few adults live to see age 50 and in their passing, more than one million children are left orphaned, most by age ten and almost 75% infected with HIV/AIDS.

    Left in the care of their extended families, these young children are regarded as burdensome. Before celebrating their 12th birthday, they’re expected to find a job, to fend for themselves. Yet they live in a country where unemployment has reached almost 95%.

    It’s a world ravaged by AIDS, poverty and violence, where orphan care ministries are concentrated in larger cities and education is a rare option, leaving Zimbabwe’s rural children with little hope.

  • At IN SIGHT Ministries, ours is an expansive and evolving vision wrapped in the hope and gospel of Jesus Christ. To provide for Zimbabwe’s orphans, we’re now working to renovate rural huts as shelters, develop basic infrastructure that will support the local villages and recruit native caretakers.

    Zimbabwe’s future is not without hope—its promise lies with its children, its orphans. They are our mission. By caring for as many of these forgotten children as we’re able, providing them with sound education and discipleship opportunities, we’re inviting the very Spirit of God into their lives and their nation.

    But even when every orphan is housed and cared for, daily necessities will demand continued support. The need for food, supplies, educational fees, caretaker provisions and prayer will remain.

  • Love and grace, little known to Zimbabwean orphans, will serve as our primary tools for change. One caretaker for every eight children will guarantee deserved attention. Provided school supplies and tuition will ensure a brighter future through education. And by becoming part of the nearby village, we’ll help to raise its children, and support locals with occupational training, AIDS/abstinence education and Evangelical ministry.

What we provide

Your support helps In Sight provide the orphans with many necessities.

100% of all donations go directly to the care of the orphans in Zimbabwe.

IN SIGHT Ministries is a registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3) and your gifts are 100% tax deductible

Sponsor a Child Today

100% of your $30 a month goes toward the care of your child. That includes food, clothing, school supplies and healthcare. You’re not just sending money, you’re raising a child to life! We currently care for 20 orphans. Our goal is to match 7 sponsors to each child. This enables sponsors to commit to an affordable monthly investment; it forms accountability between sponsors and In Sight Ministries; and it showers our orphans with love! Sponsoring a child is an enriching life experience that you will treasure forever!

Select the child you would like to sponsor then click the "Sponsor" button below (mouseover each child for a bio)

Thandiwe (#2)

If you would rather sponsor a child by check, please send your monthly commitment to: In Sight Ministries, P.O. Box 3254, Bartlesville, OK, USA 74006-8949. Make sure to include the name of the child you wish to sponsor.

Or maybe this...

Your gift of any amount will make a difference. Whether you're an individual or a Sunday school class or a company, every dollar donated serves to make an impact on these kids.

We also accept stock donations or corporate sponsorships. Please contact us so we can work out the details.

Be a PRAYER partner

Everything that we do as an organization is wrapped in prayer and we welcome your partnership in praying for our orphans, Caring Center staff, their needs and In Sight Ministries.


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Are you a high school or college student? Maybe a single adult looking for a short-term mission trip?

We are proud to be a partner with OneLife. OneLife moves Jesus followers to the grassroots level of missions and transforms lives by ministering to physical and spiritual needs and develops advocates for global causes. Read more about how OneLife is working at the Caring Center. Read more

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Psalm 72:14 - He will redeem their soul from oppression and violence; And precious will their lives be in his sight.

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Our Vision Partners

God has blessed In Sight Ministries with some great partners who have helped shape our vision. We want to acknowledge them and thank God for their time and talents.